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Corgi Toys is a company created in 1956 in the UK, specializing in the manufacture and marketing models. The current name is Corgi International Limited. She was also known by its previous name: Zindart International Limited. Corgi International Limited is listed on the (NASDAQ: IMRC).

The Corgi brand was created by Mettoy company based in Northampton, England. The Mettoy already manufacturing of stamped tin toys since the late 1936. The name Corgi was chosen for three reasons: the short name, which sounds good, its proximity to the sound Dinky Toys competitor and finally for the association with the Royal Family , a follower of the dogs of the breed of the same name.

The first models appeared in 1956 and were replicas of the British cars of the era: Ford Consul, Austin Cambridge, Morris Cowley, Vauxhall Velox, Rover 90 ...

In July 1999, Zindart International Limited, a company established in Hong Kong in July 1977 and listed on NASDAQ in 1997, bought Corgi Classics Limited.

In December 2006, the company is renamed Corgi International Limited. It then resells its Zindart division.

In December 2006, Corgi merged with Master Replicas and was purchased in May 2008 by Hornby for 7.6 million pounds.


Like any society, Corgi experienced flagship models that have made it successful. The best-known model is the reproduction of the Aston Martin DB5 James Bond. More than 3.9 million copies have been sold.
The most built model, 5 million copies, was the Batmobile in 1966.


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